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My experience in a Japanese school, or what parts of the Japanese education system are worth copying

As a child I had the good luck to participate in the Japanese school system as well as the Hungarian one. I attended a real Japanese school for part of the first grade and from the 4th to 6th grades.... Continue reading

Shichigosan (“Seven-five-three”) celebration as seen by a 5-year-old girl

I spent part of my childhood in Japan, including my fifth birthday. That was the year I learned something new and exciting about Japan, because on November 15th, my parents celebrated the traditional Shichigosan along with all other parents –... Continue reading

The “other” great coral reef

Not too many people know that Japan has a lovely coral reef of its own. It is located on one of the southern isles of the Japanese archipelago, near Ishigaki Island in Okinawa prefecture, right by the village of Shiraho.... Continue reading

How (not) to do business with the Japanese?

A good number of years ago, someone I knew asked me to help make contact with a Japanese publisher. This friend wanted to publish Hungarian translations of Japanese fiction. At the time I was working full time as a language... Continue reading

Pearls of Japanese contemporary theater

About a year ago I interpreted a lecture entitled Japanese contemporary theater today, in a program organized by the Japan Foundation. To be honest it was not a subject I found interesting. Although I like the theater, the word “contemporary” still... Continue reading