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Is everything smaller in Japan?

During the year I spent in Japan as an exchange student, I often looked at things and thought “well, this is smaller and prettier, but more expensive.” As time passed, my emphasis kept switching from one point to the other!... Continue reading

Class outing to Okinawa

Class outing. Is there a child who doesn’t love a group outing? Back in kindergarten days, it simply meant going out to the local park, definitely during “working hours.” In those days, “sleepover” was an unknown concept, something older children... Continue reading

The first sake seminar and a personal view of sake

I recently found myself reliving a definitive relationship I have had with sake. Our firm was called upon to organize Hungary’s first sake tasting event and seminar. The event gave me the chance to focus more deeply on the history... Continue reading

The coziness of home – Beehive oven or foot-warmer

The beehive oven, the epitome of coziness in Hungarian traditions, is the cultural equivalent of the Japanese kotatsu (炬燵). The kotatsu, like the beehive oven, is the center of the traditional home and the venue for family life in the evening. Irrespective of... Continue reading

Is it true that the Japanese can’t hold their liquor?

Anyone who has ever had a few drinks with a person from Japan knows that quite often even a small amount of wine or brandy will quickly go to their heads – and this is equally true for men and... Continue reading

Hi-tech lettuce from a Japanese semi-conductor factory

Articles on Japan in the papers or on the Internet generally focus on various innovations and developments. Long ago, the topic was the miniaturization of electronic devices, to work to get as much extra stuff into ever-smaller “boxes”. Nowadays, I... Continue reading