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One person – two native languages

Someone once told me that by the age of 6 months we understand everything that is said to us and we can even distinguish between the languages that we hear. The human brain is capable of amazing things. Here’s what... Continue reading

Do the Japanese have a sense of humor?

At the level of day-to-day communications, humor does not typically help to bring the Hungarians and Japanese closer together. For us, humor is a nearly surefire way of establishing a connection and keeping it going. In Japan, being a “serious... Continue reading

Szentendre gets a Japanese garden

A few years ago a man named Zoltán Dani contacted me and several other people with Japanese interests. He presented a project: to build a Japanese garden in a public space in the artists’ town of Szentendre. With over 10... Continue reading

The Japanese and time

One significant difference between the European and Japanese way of thinking is their attitude towards time. In Europe, when a train is 15 minutes late, we think it’s more or less on time. In Japan, if a train arrives one... Continue reading

‘Sexlessness’(セックスレス) in Japan

In the past, even Hungarian Internet users have found a number of articles reporting that Japanese young people have hardly any sex-life and have a tough time finding partners. Those articles were about unmarried young people. This is about a... Continue reading

New Japanese restaurants in Budapest

Itoshii opened in February 2014 on Nyugati tér, on the lowest floor of the Eiffel Office Building. Much like the Wasabi chain, its distinctive feature is that it is an “all you can eat” restaurant. But, instead of the dishes... Continue reading