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How many toes does a dragon have?

Lifelong learning is the thing. I recently had dinner in a Tokyo restaurant with the owner and CEO of a Japanese IT firm, where I was asked the dragon toe question. And I have to admit that I hadn’t the... Continue reading

Meetings with Enku

The meetings are, of course, figurative since Enku lived in 18th century Japan, primarily in the Gifu prefecture. The first time we met was in Moscow, when I was in college. One of my Japanese language teachers, whose name was... Continue reading

The Josai story…

Accidental events, which create heroes and victims alike, are a favorite theme of romantic novels and dramatic films. Everyone’s life is influenced by accidents that are sometimes devastating, and we tend to wonder about these accidents. What would have happened... Continue reading

Tearless funerals

This is definitely a morbid subject, so does it really have a place in a blog designed to be entertaining (among other things)?! However, I discovered the kind of cultural differences here too, that a visitor to Japan needs to... Continue reading

Rich Japanese, poor Japanese…

The 46,000 dollar gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is a pretty clear sign that Japan is a rich country and its residents are well off. People are right to think that differences in wealth are the lowest here of... Continue reading

Where’s the mess? – Construction in Japan

Ever since I first set foot in Japan – many long years ago – I have envied the Japanese for their construction industry. Huge worksites, giant cranes, dozens of trucks – and no dust, mud or dirt anywhere! It came... Continue reading