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Averting disaster in Japan

The fifth anniversary of 11 March 2011 and the earthquake that hit Tohuku, triggering a tsunami which brought disaster to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, has just gone by. This disaster counted as the worst since earthquakes were first measured,... Continue reading

That day, 5 years ago, was also a Friday…

It’s hard to believe that March 11, 2016 was the 5th anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. I clearly remember that tragic day. I had to go to the animal hospital that day and had my... Continue reading

Behind the mask

Flu season – January and February are the usual time to catch a cold and get sick. It sounds like an impossible task to avoid catching some sort of virus in school, at work, while shopping, or in public transport,... Continue reading

Is everything smaller in Japan?

During the year I spent in Japan as an exchange student, I often looked at things and thought “well, this is smaller and prettier, but more expensive.” As time passed, my emphasis kept switching from one point to the other!... Continue reading

My experience in a Japanese school, or what parts of the Japanese education system are worth copying

As a child I had the good luck to participate in the Japanese school system as well as the Hungarian one. I attended a real Japanese school for part of the first grade and from the 4th to 6th grades.... Continue reading

Meri Kurisumasu – Christmas in Tokyo

Only once in my life was I away from my family at Christmas, and that one time I was far away indeed, in Tokyo. I noticed that Christmas was coming from the unbelievable quantity of poinsettias, Christmas trees in the... Continue reading

Hinamatsuri – the happiness of little girls

あかりをつけましょ ぼんぼりに                                             おはなをあげましょ もものはな 5にんばやしの ふえだいこ きょうは たのしいひなまつり Let’s light the oil lamps Let’s add the flowers, the peach blossoms Five court musicians, with drums and flutes Today is joyful Hinamatsuri! This song is heard everywhere on March 3, the Day of Girls and... Continue reading

Aokigahara – A sea of trees

Japan is generally well-known for its colorful and interesting culture, advanced technology, and beautiful natural endowments. However, this world also has an enchanted and very dark side. The vast forest of Aokigahara, covering over 7,500 acres, lies at the foot... Continue reading

“Bento”, or Japanese style lunch in a box

Similar to the traditional Hungarian packaged lunch of old times (raw onions, raw bacon, and bread, or, if we believe the fairy tales, “pogacsa” (a type of puff pastry) baked in ashes), there is the Japanese counterpart of real boxed... Continue reading

Tobi workers

Anyone visiting Japan has had to encounter construction projects, since new buildings and city projects are going up all around us. We have to have noticed that some workers on these construction projects dress in the kind of clothes we’d... Continue reading