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Meri Kurisumasu – Christmas in Tokyo

Only once in my life was I away from my family at Christmas, and that one time I was far away indeed, in Tokyo. I noticed that Christmas was coming from the unbelievable quantity of poinsettias, Christmas trees in the... Continue reading

Aokigahara – A sea of trees

Japan is generally well-known for its colorful and interesting culture, advanced technology, and beautiful natural endowments. However, this world also has an enchanted and very dark side. The vast forest of Aokigahara, covering over 7,500 acres, lies at the foot... Continue reading

Tobi workers

Anyone visiting Japan has had to encounter construction projects, since new buildings and city projects are going up all around us. We have to have noticed that some workers on these construction projects dress in the kind of clothes we’d... Continue reading

Class outing to Okinawa

Class outing. Is there a child who doesn’t love a group outing? Back in kindergarten days, it simply meant going out to the local park, definitely during “working hours.” In those days, “sleepover” was an unknown concept, something older children... Continue reading

Kintetsu reincarnated!

In February 2012 the Kintetsu Department Store, which had stood in front of the railroad station in the city of Hirakata, Osaka prefecture, closed down after 36 years of operation. In the less than ideal economy, department stores offering high... Continue reading

Romeos for sale – the mysterious world of Japan’s male escorts

While living in Japan, I regularly stopped at Tachikawa station, close to my home, to do some shopping at the huge malls and entertainment complexes. Crowds of people walking on the streets under the shiny bright ads and shop owners... Continue reading

The Josai story…

Accidental events, which create heroes and victims alike, are a favorite theme of romantic novels and dramatic films. Everyone’s life is influenced by accidents that are sometimes devastating, and we tend to wonder about these accidents. What would have happened... Continue reading

Juku – Private school in Japan

In a blog I wrote on June 3, 2015 called “Studying Day and Night”, I tried to outline the Japanese education system and, within that, the secondary schools and their main features. I relied principally on my own experience when... Continue reading

The joys of a bonus

The Japanese business newspaper (Nikkei) recently published the results of a research project on summer bonuses paid to Japanese workers. The bonuses paid this year were generally 5.9 percent higher than those paid for the same time last year. A... Continue reading

The “other” great coral reef

Not too many people know that Japan has a lovely coral reef of its own. It is located on one of the southern isles of the Japanese archipelago, near Ishigaki Island in Okinawa prefecture, right by the village of Shiraho.... Continue reading