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The real reasons behind school violence

While recently reading a newspaper, one particular article caught my eye. It was about the steadily rising number of acts of violence against teachers in Hungary’s schools. The article included a table showing the rising number of acts of violence... Continue reading

Message to the future

I believe many of us have wondered what we will leave behind after we depart this earthly life. Japan actually gave me the chance to send a brief message into the future. The scene of my story is Nara, Japan’s... Continue reading

Answering the call of nature – The world of Japanese toilets

Simply using a toilet in Japan produced a cultural shock. On my first day at school, I dashed into the lavatory during a 5-minute break and stood there paralyzed, staring at the “facility” in front of me and at the... Continue reading

Rich Japanese, poor Japanese…

The 46,000 dollar gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is a pretty clear sign that Japan is a rich country and its residents are well off. People are right to think that differences in wealth are the lowest here of... Continue reading

The long-distance runner isn’t always lonely – József Sütő and Kōkichi Tsuburaya running in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, II.

In the first part of this story I told how József Sütő, who was placed 5th in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, revisited Japan 50 years later and how exceptionally he was received. Now I’d like to... Continue reading

‘Sexlessness’(セックスレス) in Japan

In the past, even Hungarian Internet users have found a number of articles reporting that Japanese young people have hardly any sex-life and have a tough time finding partners. Those articles were about unmarried young people. This is about a... Continue reading

Up in the Clouds in Japan – Climbing Mt. Fuji

The alarm clock went off at 4 a.m. That gave Emmi enough time to fix her hair with the curling iron and Marissa to put on her “face” before departure. On the bus we were given an XS sandwich and... Continue reading

Where’s the mess? – Construction in Japan

Ever since I first set foot in Japan – many long years ago – I have envied the Japanese for their construction industry. Huge worksites, giant cranes, dozens of trucks – and no dust, mud or dirt anywhere! It came... Continue reading

The long distance runner isn’t always lonely – József Sütő’s and Kōkichi Tsuburaya’s race in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, part 1

I’m almost certain that many readers will remember the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. For others, the 1960s are history rather than living memory. But, whichever group you’re in, I think that most of you will find it worthwhile to... Continue reading

Hi-tech lettuce from a Japanese semi-conductor factory

Articles on Japan in the papers or on the Internet generally focus on various innovations and developments. Long ago, the topic was the miniaturization of electronic devices, to work to get as much extra stuff into ever-smaller “boxes”. Nowadays, I... Continue reading