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Hinamatsuri – the happiness of little girls

あかりをつけましょ ぼんぼりに                                             おはなをあげましょ もものはな 5にんばやしの ふえだいこ きょうは たのしいひなまつり Let’s light the oil lamps Let’s add the flowers, the peach blossoms Five court musicians, with drums and flutes Today is joyful Hinamatsuri! This song is heard everywhere on March 3, the Day of Girls and... Continue reading

“Bento”, or Japanese style lunch in a box

Similar to the traditional Hungarian packaged lunch of old times (raw onions, raw bacon, and bread, or, if we believe the fairy tales, “pogacsa” (a type of puff pastry) baked in ashes), there is the Japanese counterpart of real boxed... Continue reading

NATTO – it’s ugly, stinks, BUT tastes so good!!!

I have finally found a shop in Budapest – it just opened – that promises to be a long-term source of natto. Until now I couldn’t buy natto anywhere and it must have been about 3 long years since I’d... Continue reading

New Japanese restaurants in Budapest

Itoshii opened in February 2014 on Nyugati tér, on the lowest floor of the Eiffel Office Building. Much like the Wasabi chain, its distinctive feature is that it is an “all you can eat” restaurant. But, instead of the dishes... Continue reading