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Averting disaster in Japan

The fifth anniversary of 11 March 2011 and the earthquake that hit Tohuku, triggering a tsunami which brought disaster to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, has just gone by. This disaster counted as the worst since earthquakes were first measured,... Continue reading

That day, 5 years ago, was also a Friday…

It’s hard to believe that March 11, 2016 was the 5th anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. I clearly remember that tragic day. I had to go to the animal hospital that day and had my... Continue reading

Is everything smaller in Japan?

During the year I spent in Japan as an exchange student, I often looked at things and thought “well, this is smaller and prettier, but more expensive.” As time passed, my emphasis kept switching from one point to the other!... Continue reading

My experience in a Japanese school, or what parts of the Japanese education system are worth copying

As a child I had the good luck to participate in the Japanese school system as well as the Hungarian one. I attended a real Japanese school for part of the first grade and from the 4th to 6th grades.... Continue reading

Studying day and night …

How do we behave, communicate, think, relate to work, care for our families, and manage our day-to-day living and conflict situations? Obviously, every individual is different but still, some features tend to be typical of a given culture. And we... Continue reading

The bumpy road to understanding

These days a growing number of people have the chance to step beyond our borders and take a look at the moods, cultures, traditions and folk customs of other countries, or even other continents. Of course, everyone’s experience is unique... Continue reading

The coziness of home – Beehive oven or foot-warmer

The beehive oven, the epitome of coziness in Hungarian traditions, is the cultural equivalent of the Japanese kotatsu (炬燵). The kotatsu, like the beehive oven, is the center of the traditional home and the venue for family life in the evening. Irrespective of... Continue reading

Cubicle sized bathrooms, or student dormitories in Japan

Japan is known throughout the world for its miniaturization skills. Examples of this talent are everywhere (from microchips to hotel rooms). This little note is focused on the compactness of a student dormitory, including a kitchen and bathroom, which I... Continue reading

Is it true that the Japanese can’t hold their liquor?

Anyone who has ever had a few drinks with a person from Japan knows that quite often even a small amount of wine or brandy will quickly go to their heads – and this is equally true for men and... Continue reading

Women in society

Back in the late 1970’s I had to visit a Japanese company in Tokyo on business. I was received by a gentleman about 20 years my senior, who was assigned to accompany me from one office building to another. That... Continue reading