Gyorgy Nonn


György Nonn entered Sudy and Co. in June, 2021, where he mainly works on the field of food commerce.

He has been interested in the Japanese culture and history since his childhood, so he chose to study on the Japanese Faculty of the Eötvös Loránd University. From 2016 he studied a year in Japan on Josai University, on a scholarship. During that year György fell in love with the country, so when he had the opportunity, he worked in the office of the same university for a year from 2018, where mainly he was coordinating the school life of the foreign exchange students. From 2019, he worked at the Embassy of Hungary in Tokyo for 2 years, where he had many opportunities to help the communication between the Hungarian and the Japanese sides.

György considers himself very lucky to have the experience of working both in a Japanese and an international environment during these few years he has spent in Japan, meanwhile he could improve his language abilities as well as his knowledge about the country.