Masanori Sakanashi


After entering Marubeni Corporation, Masanori Sakanashi became responsible for the export of semi-conductor manufacturing equipments. He spent 4 years in Silicon Valley, United States and 3 years in Singapore on an international assignment. Then, he was mainly involved with importing and selling advanced medical devices from the USA to Japan. He became the branch manager of Budapest, Hungary for 6 years and Nairobi, Kenya for 4 years before leaving the corporation.

He is currently supporting the international sales of a high-tech venture company and has been the managing director of an association disseminating technology for controlling infectious diseases, while also working as an advisor of Sűdy & Co., Ltd. since June 2018.

„I think I can say that Hungary is my second home that I have many fond memories of. In order to build even stronger relationships between with Japan, I wish to contribute to the development of business between the two countries through Sűdy & Co.”