Who are we?

The company was established in 1999 by Dr. Zoltan Sudy, former ambassador of Hungary to Japan and Thailand. All of our consultants have experiences with different industries, several of us have many years of experience working with East Asia. We opened our Tokyo office in 2015.

All of us speak not only English and other European languages, but Japanese, as well. The manager of our Tokyo office is native Japanese as well as one of our colleagues in Budapest.

During our more than 15 years of history we have established good business relationship with different experts, consultants and consultant companies both in Japan and in the Central Eastern European region. Working with our partners we try to find new business opportunities, to promote investments from Japan and to inspire investment and export from Hungary to Japan.

The in-depth knowledge of the countries, the cultures, the economies, the companies and the business opportunities enables us to propose profitable, valuable business opportunities to our customers. We go with our partners hand in hand to make sure of the continued success.

We do more than matchmaking. We are interested in not only the deals, but we try to create long term relationships. In many cases we cooperate with our partners after they have already signed the investment or export contract. We help the communication, give advices, help to avoid misunderstandings.

We believe that lack of information, misunderstandings due to cultural differences, the problems of interpreting forms of non-verbal communication and in some cases the related lack of trust are the main reasons for unrealized business opportunities between European and Asian companies. We are here to help and solve such problems.