Linked Together for 150 Years: Hungary and Japan

Sudy & Co., Ltd. proudly shares the news about a new book on the relations of Hungary and Japan. One of our senior consultants, Mr. Zoltán Bassa is the among the authors! 

The collected volume “Linked Together for 150 Years: Hungary and Japan” emerged from the framework of the Oriental Business and Innovation Center (OBIC) over the course of 2018.

Since the team at OBIC began to focus on research in 2016, six books have been published as part of the OBIC Book Series. These texts cover a diversity of topics ranging from economic development strategies to collected works focusing on a single country. This new collection attempts to touch upon on some of the social and economic trends in Japan that have a relevance to Hungary. The obvious occasion for the 2019 launch of this book is that it is the anniversary of 150 years of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Japan, however, it must be underlined that an anniversary is not sufficient reason to launch a book: solid research papers are also needed.

The authors whose work is presented in this book are either affiliated with the Budapest Business School, the Faculty of International Management and Business, or have been affiliated in some capacity to this faculty in the past, and thus the book represents many years of research and local knowledge. Given this background, it is easily understandable why the phrase, “It is our greatest pleasure to present this book now” is more than merely a courtesy from our side. The chapters of the book basically aim to improve local knowledge of Japan’s economic and social development in different disciplines, ranging from micro-economic to macro-economic, as well as regional analyses.

We are very thankful for the assistance provided by the Japan Foundation, Budapest and last but not least the founders of OBIC: the Central Bank of Hungary and the Budapest Business School, without whose generosity and commitment to scholarship this volume would not have been possible.


Online available form of the book:

Linked Together for 150 Years: Hungary and Japan – Analyses of Recent Economic and Social Trends in Japan and Their Effects on Hungary



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