About Us

Our company was founded by Dr. Zoltán Sűdy, former ambassador to Japan and his wife, Erika Sűdy in 2000, Budapest.

During their years spent in Tokyo, they observed that business opportunities between Hungarian and Japanese are often not realized because of a particular reason: communication distance between parties. On top of language related difficulties, this also includes cultural differences and misunderstandings deriving from different business practices.

Upon returning to Hungary, the couple decided to establish Sűdy & Co. in order to dedicate their work towards building and supporting Hungarian-Japanese business relations with the knowledge and experience they accumulated during their diplomatic years. Later, the company's activities were extended to Central and Eastern European and Japanese business opportunities as well.

An interview with the founders is coming soon about the circumstances of Sűdy & Co.'s establishment.


To be the most esteemed consulting service company of the CEE region actively contributing to the sustainable development of society.


We do more than matchmaking: we strive to create long lasting relationships and values by connecting the different cultures of Japan and Europe.


Fairness, Quality, Empathy, Commitment

Our strengths

More than 20 years of experience on the Japanese and European market
Wide range of experience in several different industries and topics we acquired while supporting our customers
Contacts to Japanese and European specialists of several different industries through our extensive networks
Japanese and Japanese speaking consultants and advisors with an office in Tokyo opened in 2016
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