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Providing You A Thorough Insight Into the Japanese Market
Global expansion is a large milestone in the history of a company, one that involves difficult strategic decisions and taking enormous risks. This is especially true when the business goal is to reach a market that looks as distant and as unfamiliar as Japan.

It is often said in general that while Japan may offer great business opportunities, it is not a simple task to enter its market and also survive. Information that may be crucial to making your business last can mostly be found only in Japanese and may seem completely unavailable without understanding Japanese language, culture, and communication networks. On the other hand, collecting up-to-date data and doing local fieldwork is essential for a successful market entry.

And this is why we at Sűdy & Co. are offering support to companies who wish to enter the Japanese market by providing market research services, thus helping them map the Japanese market.

Why Should You Entrust Us with Your Japanese Market Research Project?

More than 20 years of experience on the Japanese and European market
Portfolio of 50+ market research projects featuring various industries and topics
Japanese and Japanese speaking consultants and advisors with an office in Tokyo
Contacts to Japanese specialists of several different industries
Market research results are delivered in approximately 10-30 days depending on your business needs and research scale
Materials are usually created in English, Japanese or Hungarian, but we can also translate them to other languages if necessary

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What Do We Offer?

We offer not only market research services, but we also provide full support in realizing your market entry strategy.
a general economic overview
complete mapping of your target industry
doing interviews with specialists of your target industry
a proposal for your market entry strategy
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Our References

RVmagneticsRead The Story
RVmagnetics approached us in 2018 to help them find new customers in Japan.
How We Helped
We prepared Japanese language sales materials with a listing and approached potential clients (composite, motor and battery industries) in Japan. We have also supported their POC project with a major Japanese client by helping their communication in Japanese and giving business & intercultural advice.
RVmagnetics has started a POC test project with a well-known Japanese company interested in their technology. A commercial agreement between the two companies is expected to be signed soon.
MarcherRead The Story
In the spring of 2018, African swine fever broke out in Hungary. Consequently, Japan banned the importation of Hungarian pork products.
How We Helped
At our own initiative, we started searching for Austrian pork products to sell in Japan via our existing network of importers. We also realized that the regulations in Japan at the time made it possible for Austrian companies to export more beef products, so we explored this business opportunity as well. 
Thanks to the good timing of us introducing Marcher, the Austrian food producing company to a Japanese trading company, 250 tons of beef products were sold ever since.
Gravity R&DRead The Story
The recommendation engine Reco/Yusp created by Gravity R and D became well-known worldwide by 2010, but not yet in Japan. The company wished to expand their business in the region.
How We Helped
By preparing Japanese sales materials and finding their very first Japanese customers. Then, we also helped establish Gravity Japan and provided them local representation and sales support.
Gravity's solution has been successfully implemented on multiple Japanese B2B e-commerce websites by 2019.

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