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Leading your investment project to success in Hungary & the CEE region
Central and Eastern Europe has been a target region for investors from all walks of life, especially from the manufacturing industry in the past 3 decades in order to have a closer access to the European market. Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are popular destinations when it comes to foreign direct investment, mainly because of their relatively stable economical & political backgrounds and cheap but qualified labor. However, interest has been on the rise for projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia as well.

Sűdy & Co. offers full-fledged support to foreign investors wishing to expand their businesses in the CEE region with more than 20 years of professional experience and a team of devoted business consultants.

How We Can Help You


1. Location & Market Research.
What makes or breaks an FDI project is the preliminary research that occurs before any other steps are taken. It is crucial to examine each possible target location and its factors that may inherently determine the success of your project, such as the business environment, legal regulations, availability of clients, suppliers, labor, industrial sites, sea & railway transportation, green energy, government subsidies, etc. We can help you with creating comprehensive reports on all of the above and even more based on your business needs.
2. Site Visits.
Once the number of industrial site options have been narrowed down to a reasonable amount, visiting them is more than recommended. We organize site visits from start to finish: from reserving hotels & restaurants to setting up and accompanying our customers to meetings with local municipalities & industrial land owners. We also offer interpretation in Hungarian, Japanese, English, and other languages as well, and support the negotiation processes too, if necessary.
3. Researching Incentives & Supporting The Application Process.
Incentives offered by the government of your target country may help reduce the financial costs of the investment. With the help of our subsidy consulting partners, we look for incentive options with requirements that align with the investment’s conditions and support communication with governmental organizations and municipalities in the negotiating process.
4. Finding Reliable Local Partners.
Establishing a subsidy and building a factory in a foreign country without knowing the local regulations and having the right contacts is not easy. With our selected circle of qualified professionals, we can help you find the kind of partners you will need to get started on executing your investment in your target location: law & accounting firms, payroll, HR recruitment, construction or quality assurance companies.
5. Company Establishment Assistance.
We fully support correspondence with all partner companies, municipalities and governmental organizations that take part in the company establishment process. We also provide help in office rental: whether it's a physical or a virtual office, you can count on us in finding one that is most suitable for your investment. If you need a place of business for the time being, we offer that as an option within our own office the same way law firms would do.
6. Human Resources Management.
When establishing a subsidy in a foreign country, there will be most likely expatriate employees working at the new company. We offer comprehensive general support to expats in Hungary whether it be the visa application process, bank account opening, looking for apartments, international schools or health facilities that offer individual and annual company screenings as well. We are also introducing local human resources if required by the customer – we specialize in finding Japanese speaking staff, but we can recommend workforce from many different kinds of fields, too.
7. Intercultural Training & Education.
Understanding the local people’s – future clients, partners and employees – way of thinking is a must for a successful business. That is why we have intercultural trainings on our service menu – so our customers can get more familiar with European culture, customs and business practices in general. We also tend to get requests about holding trainings for the subsidy’s local workers so they have a chance to get to know where their – mostly Japanese – employer is coming from.
8. Sales Support.
We are there to help if needed even if the subsidy is already up and running. We support our customers wishing to enter the CEE market with the following: localizing sales & marketing materials, shortlisting and contacting clients & suppliers, negotiating, GDPR support, marketing activities and many more.

Why Entrust Us with Your Foreign Direct Investment Project?

More than 20 years of experience on the Japanese and European market
Contacts to Japanese and European specialists of several different industries
Japanese, English, and Hungarian speaking consultants and advisors with offices in Tokyo & Budapest
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Our Reference Stories

Seiren - FDI Support
Read The Story
Seiren approached us in 2020 because they wished to expand their capacities in the CEE region in order to be able to serve their European clients better.
How We Helped
We gathered current information on their target countries, organized site visits, introduced local partners to them (subsidy consulting, accounting and payroll firms, HR recruitment companies, etc.) and also held intercultural trainings for their employees.
After a thorough examination of possible CEE countries, Seiren decided to open its subsidiary and new plant in Hungary. The plant’s construction is going to be finalized soon and production will start from 2023.

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We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.
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