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Helping you introduce your products on your desired market

On top of assisting clients with mapping the Japanese & European market and establishing a company or building a factory in their desired region, Sűdy & Co., Ltd. also provides continuous support in introducing products and services to the respective market, sales activities, and maintaining business relationships - whether in Japan, Hungary, or any other country in Central and Eastern Europe.

What Can You Rely on Us For When It Comes to Sales Support?

Finding distributors, manufacturing partners, importers, investors and supporting the licensing process.
We know exactly whom to turn to in most industries with the help of our vast network of contacts. We can help you with investigating regulations that concern manufacturing, sales, import of products, logistics, tenders, data transfers (GDPR), etc. while also acquiring licenses necessary in the target region (e.g. CE mark, etc.)
Identifying, listing and contacting clients in Japan and the CEE region.
After shortlisting and longlisting potential clients, we open the doors to them through our business contacts and other networking channels. We also support communication during the contracting process and in the long run if necessary.
Key account management.
We help you maintain business relations with your Japanese/European partners and clients. You can count on us whether it comes to interpreting, organizing meetings, negotiations, project management, handling current ongoing matters or even complaints.
Conducting a complex series of events.
Whether it comes to organizing or participating at an event, we can support your business activities at exhibitions, seminars, food tastings, factory visits and other occasions both in Japan and Central and Eastern Europe.
Compiling marketing materials, PR services.
Translating and localizing marketing materials for your target market is crucial for successful sales, and we are at your service. We will also find the best solution for reaching your desired customer segment through building online platforms and media presence.
Intercultural communication trainings before meetings.
One of our missions as a company is to help our European and Japanese customers understand each other on a deeper level in order to build stable relationships. There are certain business customs and practices both in Japan and Europe that one should be aware of before an important meeting – that is why we recommend all of our clients to take part in our intercultural training programs.

Our References

Gravity R&DRead The Story
The recommendation engine Reco/Yusp created by Gravity R and D became well-known worldwide by 2010, but not yet in Japan. The company wished to expand their business in the region.
How We Helped
By preparing Japanese sales materials and finding their very first Japanese customers. Then, we also helped establish Gravity Japan and provided them local representation and sales support.
Gravity's solution has been successfully implemented on multiple Japanese B2B e-commerce websites by 2019.
Read The Story
RVmagnetics approached us in 2018 to help them find new customers in Japan.

How We Helped
We prepared Japanese language sales materials with a listing and approached potential clients (composite, motor and battery industries) in Japan. We have also supported their POC project with a major Japanese client by helping their communication in Japanese and giving business & intercultural advice.
RVmagnetics has started a POC test project with a well-known Japanese company interested in their technology. A commercial agreement between the two companies is expected to be signed soon.
Read The Story
In 2011, Trigo wished to reach and acquire new Japanese customers in Asia.
How We Helped
By consulting with TRIGO on the set-up of a legal entity in Japan, helping to identify & select Japanese key personnel for Trigo Thailand, China & India, and connecting Trigo with several Japanese companies.
We introduced 40+ Japanese OEMs and Tier-1 companies to Trigo which made them able to start working independently on the Japanese market.

Why Entrust Us with The Sales Support of Your Products & Services in Japan & the CEE Region?

More than 20 years of experience on the Japanese and European market
Contacts to Japanese and European specialists of several different industries
Japanese, English, and Hungarian speaking consultants and advisors with offices in Tokyo & Budapest
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