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Providing support with selling your company on the M&A market

When it comes to M&A deals, Japanese investors tend to be particularly cautious, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. In general, it can be said that they are less familiar with European taxing, accounting and legal processes, and last but not least the cultural environment. Therefore, compared to other investors they require more detailed information and more time to think before an acquisition in order to minimize any potential risk.

However, even if they are slower to opening doors towards business opportunities in the CEE region, as the years go by, they are looking for them more and more actively.

We at Sűdy & Co., Ltd. are committed to supporting Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe becoming the focus of business investors with our M&A consulting activities.

How Do We Help Our Clients In The Field Of M&A?

Our company has been connecting Japanese demand and Hungarian supply ever since our humble beginnings, but since 2020 we also have an appointed advisor dedicated to M&A projects specifically.
In cooperation with European and Japanese M&A advisory firms and commercial banks, we work on a mandate basis - we help our clients identify potential companies to be acquired.
At the same time, we are also introducing companies from our own database. We can recommend firms that are being sold wholly or partly as well.

Why Turn to Us When It Comes to M&A Consulting?

More than 20 years of experience on the Japanese and European market
Contacts to European & Japanese specialists of several different industries
Japanese and Japanese speaking consultants & advisors with an office in Budapest & Tokyo
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What Do We Offer?

preparation or translation of promotional and presentation materials to Japanese, English, Hungarian or other languages
supporting correspondence between parties via email or business meetings, organizing business meetings and site visits
supporting the decision-making, contracting and other administrative processes, recommending reliable partners in case of special matters (e.g. taxing)
helping business partners overcome cultural and language differences if necessary, even after the M&A transaction had been finalized

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If your company is also considering expansion to the Japanese market and you would like to get up-to-date information about its current state and opportunities, please feel free to contact us via the content form given below for a consultation free of charge.
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