Intercultural Training

Building bridges between your Japanese & European employees
Europe is home to hundreds and thousands of multinational companies – Japanese, too. The number of Japanese subsidies in the region has been on the rise in the past more than 3 decades – this has given many fruitful opportunities for European and Japanese cooperation. However, in order to achieve outstanding business results together and maintain a healthy work relationship, understanding each nation’s background and communication styles is key.

Sűdy & Co. partnered with the Japan Consulting Office (JCO) in 2013 to support multinational companies in Hungary with joint intercultural trainings that help overcome cultural differences between European and Japanese while also increasing effectiveness in the workplace.

We offer public & in-house seminars – separately for Europeans and Japanese – designed to improve cultural understanding, intercultural communication and company-specific trainings tailored to the needs of your company.

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What Makes JCO Different from Other Intercultural Training Programs?


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We keep the training group to a reasonable size to be able to involve all participants during discussions and teamwork while ensuring a full educational experience.


We focus on skills and techniques rather than theory. Our training materials are based on many years of experience working with Japanese in Europe and Japan.


We focus on participants’ daily challenges and make sure they all leave the program with communicational tools they can utilize in their everyday work.
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What Can You Take Away After Our Trainings?

By the end of the intercultural training, participants will:

Learn the fundamentals of Japanese/European culture and its influence on business culture
Have a better understanding of the Japanese/European work environment
Find out about the expectations Japanese/European colleagues may have towards them when working together
Become better at negotiating with Japanese/European people with better results
Become more aware of Japanese/European business etiquette
Improve communication skills

Trainings in Hungary

Intercultural Training in Hungary
Date: To be decided after consultation. We will try our best to adapt to your company schedule.
Session Duration: 3.5, 6 or 8 hours – depending on your course choice.
Venue: Online (Zoom) or on-site.
Number of participants: Maximum 12.

On-site Intercultural Trainings

A variety of educational methods and the power of community building make on-site training sessions




What Benefits Do JCO On-site Trainings Have?

Delivered straight to your location
Our trainer will happily come to you so your team can enjoy the training without having to travel anywhere
Community building
Nothing beats the relationship strengthening quality of learning together in the same environment
A full day of learning
On-site trainings can be completed in a single day – in a 6- or 8-hour session depending on what your educational needs are
A bigger variety of teaching methods & materials
We show videos and other media that are not used during our online trainings. Also, full intercultural training courses in Hungarian language are only available at on-site sessions*
Fully interactive
Offline education makes the practice of body language & real-life situations 100% possible, even to the smallest of details
*In case of online courses, the 3.5-hour-long live training can be requested in Hungarian, but the e-learning materials are only available in English and Japanese with optional German or French subtitles.

Online Intercultural Trainings

Teaching methods adapted to web education make our online intercultural training courses




What Benefits Do JCO Online Trainings Have?

Complete flexibility
Employees from different time zones and locations can take part in the training too
Easily scalable
Our trainings can be organized for individual colleagues or a whole group as well
Highly customizable
We ask participants to fill out a questionnaire before the course in order to make sure that our contents are suited to their needs and knowledge level
No additional (travel, accommodation, etc.) costs for neither the participants nor the trainer
Full engagement
We make sure that our online sessions are as interactive as the on-site ones through group video chat, Q&A features, and breakout sessions to work in subgroups

JCO Online Trainings

Option I: E-learning Suite

Learners can access online modules from anywhere.
Working and communicating effectively with Japanese colleagues
Working and communicating effectively with non-Japanese colleagues
JCO offers its E-learning materials in English and Japanese (with German or French CC).

Each module includes case studies, interactive exercises and quizzes.
Please feel free to contact us for a module overview.

Option II: Customized Online Trainings

Share your specific questions and topics through an online pre-course questionnaire.
Join the live online training from wherever you want!
(approx. 3.5 hours)
Receive a booklet with key messages from the course.
For in-house sessions, our training content will be customized to your specific needs.

Option III: Blended Learning

Prepare through selected e-learning modules that you can access anytime and anywhere!
Share your specific questions and topics through an online pre-course questionnaire.
Join the live online training from wherever you want!
(approx. 3.5 hours)
Receive a booklet with key messages from the course.
*Public seminars for Japanese participants are offered as live online training (option II).
**Public seminars for non-Japanese participants are offered as blended learning (option III).
***In-house: all options are available.

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We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.

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