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The soul of a company lies in its employees - especially if it's Japanese

They say that the soul of a company lies in its employees. However, the ever-worsening impact of labor shortage in recent years is forcing businesses both in Europe and Japan to face difficult challenges. Thus, Sűdy & Co. started supporting European and Japanese clients in the field of HR services as well in 2020.

We help our customers finding new colleagues who match their HR needs in the best way possible. We have our own human resources database, but in order to ensure successful recruitment as quickly as possible, we also have the support of Hungarian and Polish partners in the process if necessary.

How We Support Japanese Companies in Europe

Introducing and interviewing Japanese speaking human resources
In line with our core business activities, our database mainly consists of candidates who are in relation to Japan in some way. On top of Japanese interpreters and Japanese speaking assistants, we can also search and recommend candidates with other special qualifications (such as IT specialists, engineers, legal or financial experts).
Recommending HR companies experienced in working with Japanese companies
We know that Japanese reference is extremely important for Japanese companies in Europe in case of a new cooperation, especially when it comes to blue collar recruitment (either from the CEE region or from countries outside of the EU), temporary staffing, or other specific labor needs. With our vast network of contacts, we are able to connect our clients with a number of HR companies that already have experience in working with Japanese.

How We Support Companies in Japan

Recruitment of European candidates to Japan
Recently, Japan has been welcoming highly skilled workers from Hungary and other countries in the Central and Eastern European region. Many Japanese companies have asked for our support in finding human resources with specific qualifications such as programmers, engineers, managers, tutors, and other professionals – our list keeps growing. Click here to see our current job offers.
Recruiting local staff in Japan for European companies
We help our European clients setting up a subsidiary in Japan and if necessary, we recruit, screen & interview prospective local employees.
In case of expatriate colleagues, we also help with a variety of personnel related matters from visa applications to finding a place of residence.

Why Rely on Us for Your HR Needs?

More than 20 years of experience on the Japanese and European market
Vast network of contacts that we can reach suitable candidates of any industry with
We can recruit human resources within and outside of EEA countries, including Japan
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