Japanese company establishment

Showing the way towards creating your own Japanese company
That long-awaited moment in your company’s history has finally come: the services and products you offer are delivering outstanding numbers on the domestic market and your market research results show that it may be worthwhile to open a subsidiary or representative office in another country – among others, in Japan.

However, even promising business opportunities and a well-planned sales strategy can be undermined if one is not completely aware of the administrative tasks involved in setting up a company in the land of the rising sun.

This is where we come into the picture: Sűdy & Co. fully supports companies wishing to do business in Japan not only with conducting Japanese market research, preparing the Japanese market entry process or business strategy planning, but also with taking on the administrative burden of setting up a Japanese company.

How We Can Help You


What Are The Key Steps?

Choosing the form of the company.
We help you choose the Japanese company form that is most fitting for your business goals.
Company registration process.
With the help of our local legal representative partners, we support the company registration process from the start to finish.
Banking services.
You can entrust us with any banking tasks from opening a bank account to negotiating with institutes.
Finding local partners.
We can recommend law & accounting firms and payroll companies. We collect multiple offers from our partners parallelly to find the best choice for you according to your needs.
Obtaining licenses & permits.
Our experts specializing in manufacturing, marketing authorization & approval processes ensure that your products are introduced to the market in compliance to Japanese laws.
Assessing state aid opportunities.
We explore government subsidies and other open financial aid opportunities to help reduce the costs of establishing your company in Japan.
Finding an office.
Whether it's a physical or a virtual office, you can count on us in finding one that is most suitable for your needs.


What Is a Japanese Company Without Its People?

In case of a dispatched employee, Sűdy & Co. supports the visa application process for the employee and their family members with the help of our local legal representatives. We can also assist with other administrative matters related to the moving if necessary.
If there is a need to hire local staff members for your company, we can also help with recruiting Japanese human resources.


We Will Be There For You Even After Your Japanese Company is Established

We have a wide range of experience in representing Hungarian companies in Japan even after the completion of the company establishment process. We can assist you with taking over the following tasks for the long term:
general administration
keeping in touch with accountants, lawyers, payroll companies, other partners, etc.

Our Reference Stories

Gravity R&D
Read The Story
The recommendation engine Reco/Yusp created by Gravity R and D became well-known worldwide by 2010, but not yet in Japan. The company wished to expand their business in the region.
How We Helped
By preparing Japanese sales materials and finding their very first Japanese customers. Then, we also helped establish Gravity Japan and provided them local representation and sales support.
Gravity's solution has been successfully implemented on multiple Japanese B2B e-commerce websites by 2019.
Read The Story
In 2011, Trigo wished to reach and acquire new Japanese customers in Asia.
How We Helped
By consulting with TRIGO on the set-up of a legal entity in Japan, helping to identify & select Japanese key personnel for Trigo Thailand, China & India, and connecting Trigo with several Japanese companies.
We introduced 40+ Japanese OEMs and Tier-1 companies to Trigo which made them able to start working independently on the Japanese market.

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