Magatama – Symbol of the soul

13 November 2015
Sebők Tünde
In the spring of 2012 my friend and I were planning to take a short trip out of Tokyo during the Japanese Golden Week (it is a collection of four national holidays within seven days. In combination with well placed weekends, the Golden Week becomes one of Japan's three busiest holiday seasons, besides New Year […]
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Home of the Lord of the Heavens – Visiting the Japanese Imperial Palace

6 November 2015
Biró Krisztina
The Japanese Imperial Palace was one of the attractions I was determined to see when visiting Tokyo last year, since I was exceedingly curious about the home of the only monarch in the world still to be called an emperor. The palace is in the heart of Tokyo in the midst of a huge park, […]
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Tearless funerals

30 October 2015
Sűdy Zoltán
This is definitely a morbid subject, so does it really have a place in a blog designed to be entertaining (among other things)?! However, I discovered the kind of cultural differences here too, that a visitor to Japan needs to know to prevent a major faux pas... I learned from my best friend in Japan […]
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Company hanami

23 October 2015
Petre Kinga
As a company with multiple links to Japan, it was apt that we joined in celebrating a delightful and much-loved holiday like the hanami (“the picnic to celebrate the beauty of the cherry blossoms”). Luckily, there is a Japanese cherry tree orchard in the gardens of Budapest’s Technology University with two types of Japanese cherry […]
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Japanese Christmas cakes and marriage brokering

16 October 2015
Sűdy Erika
Junichiro Koizumi, who later became prime minister, was 36 years old when he married a 21-year-old college student, Miyamoto Kayoko, in 1978. The marriage was in accordance with “omiai” (お見合い) customs, although rumors abounded that Takeo Fukuda, who was prime minister at the time, had played a significant brokering role. No doubt Fukuda would protest […]
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The bumpy road to understanding

9 October 2015
Rajzó-Kontor Kornélia
These days a growing number of people have the chance to step beyond our borders and take a look at the moods, cultures, traditions and folk customs of other countries, or even other continents. Of course, everyone’s experience is unique and everyone’s interpretation is different. Sometimes the differences aren’t particularly great, so people have time […]
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The Japanese and time

2 October 2015
Bassa Zoltán
One significant difference between the European and Japanese way of thinking is their attitude towards time. In Europe, when a train is 15 minutes late, we think it’s more or less on time. In Japan, if a train arrives one minute after it is due then it’s late. Taking a look at things at home, […]
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The coziness of home – Beehive oven or foot-warmer

25 September 2015
Kajtár Bálint
The beehive oven, the epitome of coziness in Hungarian traditions, is the cultural equivalent of the Japanese kotatsu (炬燵). The kotatsu, like the beehive oven, is the center of the traditional home and the venue for family life in the evening. Irrespective of culture, families gather at the family fireside.
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The real reasons behind school violence

18 September 2015
Harada Chika
While recently reading a newspaper, one particular article caught my eye. It was about the steadily rising number of acts of violence against teachers in Hungary’s schools. The article included a table showing the rising number of acts of violence over the past 4 years. I went to school (both primary and secondary) in the […]
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