“Bento”, or Japanese style lunch in a box

18 March 2016
Petre Kinga
Similar to the traditional Hungarian packaged lunch of old times (raw onions, raw bacon, and bread, or, if we believe the fairy tales, “pogacsa” (a type of puff pastry) baked in ashes), there is the Japanese counterpart of real boxed lunches, called “bento”, and rice balls called “onigiri” (rice balls), to be taken with us […]
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Tobi workers

11 March 2016
Sűdy Erika
Anyone visiting Japan has had to encounter construction projects, since new buildings and city projects are going up all around us. We have to have noticed that some workers on these construction projects dress in the kind of clothes we’d really find unusual. They kind of resemble the actors in a sci-fi film, said a […]
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Studying day and night …

4 March 2016
Rajzó-Kontor Kornélia
How do we behave, communicate, think, relate to work, care for our families, and manage our day-to-day living and conflict situations? Obviously, every individual is different but still, some features tend to be typical of a given culture. And we learn the vast majority of the attitudes that become our norms during our years at […]
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Do the Japanese have a sense of humor?

26 February 2016
Bassa Zoltán
At the level of day-to-day communications, humor does not typically help to bring the Hungarians and Japanese closer together. For us, humor is a nearly surefire way of establishing a connection and keeping it going. In Japan, being a “serious person” and not joking around is considered much more appropriate. Presenting yourself in an ironic […]
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Class outing to Okinawa

19 February 2016
Kajtár Bálint
Class outing. Is there a child who doesn’t love a group outing? Back in kindergarten days, it simply meant going out to the local park, definitely during “working hours.” In those days, “sleepover” was an unknown concept, something older children did. Back then everyone wanted to sleep at home, in their own little beds.
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Halloween in Japan

12 February 2016
Nagygyörgy Anna
When I was in Tokyo 8 years ago on a scholarship, the cult of Halloween was already pushing its way into Japan. Jack-o’-lanterns, witches, and ghosts were all over the shops in October, where they took over the window displays. You could see the signs that Halloween was just around the corner, but it didn’t […]
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Kintetsu reincarnated!

5 February 2016
Harada Chika
In February 2012 the Kintetsu Department Store, which had stood in front of the railroad station in the city of Hirakata, Osaka prefecture, closed down after 36 years of operation. In the less than ideal economy, department stores offering high quality and comparatively expensive products were unable to hold their own against the 100 yen […]
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Shichigosan (“Seven-five-three”) celebration as seen by a 5-year-old girl

29 January 2016
Pápai-V. Anna
I spent part of my childhood in Japan, including my fifth birthday. That was the year I learned something new and exciting about Japan, because on November 15th, my parents celebrated the traditional Shichigosan along with all other parents – this is a special celebration for seven, five, and three-year-old children. The roots of this […]
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Romeos for sale – the mysterious world of Japan’s male escorts

22 January 2016
Sebők Tünde
While living in Japan, I regularly stopped at Tachikawa station, close to my home, to do some shopping at the huge malls and entertainment complexes. Crowds of people walking on the streets under the shiny bright ads and shop owners inviting prospective customers to their shops give this part of Tokyo a very lively and […]
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