Due to the high quality and through the long course of exporting, Hungary’s Foie Gras has gained recognition as a kind of a brand.

Our company too has been helping the product entering the Japanese market for more than 10 years. Until this point it mainly has been appearing on the menus of restaurants and hotels. It wasn’t distributed by the supermarkets, since the Japanese people weren’t accustomed to preparing and eating the dish at home.

However due to the pandemic, the consumption in the hotels and restaurants has fallen back and the people are dining at home a lot more often. And so, one of the main Japanese importers of the Hungarian Foie Gras du Canard has launched an intensive market development at the supermarkets.

As one of the first, but also a quite spectacular result to this effort, the market-leading group, Aeon is popularizing the product with an intensive marketing campaign, connecting to Father’s Day. (Father’s Day (too) is a well celebrated date in Japan, thereby a sort of a „peak of consumption” is related to this weekend in June.)