Hungarian Honey Recipes by Ambassador’s Chef

Upon the efforts of Sudy & Co., the major Japanese food wholesaler, Mitsui Foods has been importing the Albamez (Alba Honey) brand acacia and linden honey for almost 10 years now. In order to further strengthen the sales of premium honey from Hungary, Mitsui Foods requested the chef of the Hungarian Embassy, Gergo Racz to create several recipes to introduce to the Japanese consumers novel meals and drinks using honey. The small book>> has been published and we all hope that it will contribute to the increase of sales of Hungarian honey in Japan.

Hungarian honey recipes by Ambassador's chef

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Prasanna HG
July 3, 2021 06:11

👏 Great Going!!!!! Since Honey is a substance whose chemical composition is very close to human blood. Daily consumption of honey is very good for our heart & brain. It enhances overall physical wellbeing and brings psychological stability.


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